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Public drinking fountains

You can get free drinking water all over Berlin at the drinking fountains of Berliner Wasserbetriebe. With these drinking fountains we bring fresh water to you. A sustainable solution that makes the Berlin summer even more attractive.

You will find free drinking water in many parks and on squares in Berlin. They are directly connected to the freshwater network and Berliner Wasserbetriebe monitors the water quality continuously.

Where can I find them?
Locations of the drinking fountains in Berlin

You will find all the locations of the Berlin drinking fountains on our map. Click on the drinking fountains symbol for info on the locations and operating hours.

Water from the tap is healthy and rich in minerals. It prevents littering of the city and seas and is better for the environment: One litre of drinking water from the tap causes hardly half a gram of CO2 – depending on the packaging and origin, for mineral water it is many hundred times that. The Senate in Berlin assigned Berliner Wasserbetriebe the task of installing drinking water dispensers so that you can refresh yourself when you are out and about in the city. In this way the Senate and Berliner Wasserbetriebe want to reduce plastic waste, save CO2 and create more quality of life for Berliners. Unlike these drinking fountains, decorative fountains do not supply drinking water!

How long have there been drinking fountains in Berlin?

Berliner Wasserbetriebe have been erecting drinking fountains in Berlin for 30 years. Originally they were intended for system flushing, today the fountains make an important contribution to the quality of life in the city. There are two different models: The blue version in the classic style of the “Gründerzeit” (ca. 1871-73) with brass coloured drinking ball, and the clear modern shape in light grey design.[DE1]  Initially, many fountains were on our own initiative or together with initiatives and shops and businesses. In 2014, Berliner Wasserbetriebe initiated the “Brunnen Run” (Drinking Fountain Run). The goal: More wells, more users. For every 10,000 kilometres covered by Berliners at running events, Berliner Wasserbetriebe installed a new drinking fountain. In this way, 17 drinking fountains were earned and the citizens voted online to decide their locations. In addition, within this campaign, Berliner Wasserbetriebe supported drinking water projects of  Engineers with out Borders.